Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle Batter

The Best Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle Batter Recipe

Every weekend morning for the last month, I scoured the web for a gluten free pancake recipe that;

A. wasn’t gummy
B. didn’t taste like cardboard.

And after some trial and error, I’ve found the one! To ensure all my mornings of looking at my skillet in disappointment weren’t for naught, check out this recipe from Mama Knows Gluten Free. I’ve tested it on a skillet for pancakes, and in a waffle iron for waffles – ticks the boxes for both!

The best thing about this recipe? The author lists substitutions within the recipe that would make it dairy free and/or vegan. How cool is that?

What You'll Need to Make Audrey's Gluten Free Pancakes (Gluten free version)

  • gluten free all purpose flour
  • an egg
  • sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • baking powder
  • oil
      • the recipe calls for vegetable, but I use olive oil
  • milk
  •  xantham gum*
      • most gluten free all purpose flours include this ingredient in the formulation. If yours doesn’t, I recommend getting one that does.

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